Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Change of Trousers

It's been warm this week, so I've been wearing shorts. Today, however, I'm back in long trousers, even though it's no cooler. Why?

Well, because of this:

Yes, I have the new Harry Potter, and I'm not afraid to read it.

But what I am afraid of is the beast. For his claws are sharp, and if I'm going to be laying on the sofa all day, he's going to want to sit on me. With shorts, I have no protection from when he catches things in his dreams. Hence the long trousers.

I sense a long (607 page) day ahead, with brief breaks for food, toilet and turning on Test Match Special. No doubt Kevin Pietersen will be praying for rain, so he can sit in the corner all day reading.

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