Thursday, 21 February 2008

On the Move

I mentioned earlier this week that I had been invited to blog elsewhere, and it's now been sorted out, and I even have my first post up.

My new virtual residence is at the Nature Network, the network that Nature (the journal) has developed to create a community of scientists who can complain amongst each other that they don't get enough funding. I've kept the name, so pop along and see what develops:

Deep Thoughts and Silliness

Now at Nature Networks.

I probably won't post here any more, but I might use BPSDB if I feel like a particularly virulent rant against pseudo-science.

I guess I'll be able to claim that I write for Nature now.
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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My Phrase for the Day

I wasn't going to post on this here, lest find myself turning into Denyse O'Leary, but yesterday I posted at BPSDB about Le Canard Noir having his website closed down because he was rather critical of someone.

But, I wanted to point out Dr.* T's post on the matter, where he presents Netcetera, Le Canard Noir's former web hosts, with an award for Spineless Caitiffery.

Spineless Caitiffery.

Wonderful. Try it out. Roll it around the tongue a few times. And then look at Dr.* T's post to find out what the hell it means.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Ooh, how dare thay!

This might mean war

A couple of years ago a physicist at the university complained to me that he was in a building called Physicum, but that I was in the building next door, called Exactum. He really didn't appreciate the implication that they were inexact. I, with my statistician's had on (it's shaped a bit like a pith helmet), found this hilarious.
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Monday, 18 February 2008

This is how Birthdays should be

As it's already been revealed, I turned 38 today. And what a great day it's been!
This morning I was awarded the Bob O’Hara Award for Excellence in Blogging on Pseudoscience. The prize is that I'm allowed to post on the BPSPB webpage. I know, I know you're all envious. Later, I was invited to join another blog swarm, of which more later (if it happens). Even the editor of Heredity wanted to send me a birthday present (although I'll have to write an essay about it later).

Even lunch was exceptional. I chatted to a colleague about such things as making swords and using pizza to demonstrate theorems. We ended up working out how to use spaghetti to solve the travelling salesman problem.

Even The Beast has been great. This morning he enjoyed the wildlife outside, and after I fed him this evening, he demanded a heavy fussing session. What more could one ask for in life?

Oh, yes. This

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