Tuesday, 3 July 2007

ID advocate keeps quiet

Time to come clean - I'm a regular reader of Uncommon Descent, and sometimes contribute. UD is the Intelligent Design blog for Bill Dembski, who's one of the better known ID advocates, and about whom much could has been written.

UD has a new post up, announcing the 2007 IDURC Casey Luskin Graduate Award. This is noteworthy for a couple of points. Firstly, IDURC is the Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center, but the award is for "excellence in student advocacy of intelligent design". Why is a research centre (sorry, center) supporting advocacy? Of course, this is just another symptom of one of the problems with ID: it spends its time and effort advocating a "scientific" that
hasn't been researched yet.

The second point is just beautiful. The winner of the prize is to remain anonymous. So the announcement is that they have decided to award a prize to a person. The reason given for anonymity is that they are worried that the student will be discriminated against for their views. So, we don't know who this student is who "...has demonstrated excellence and courage in research and promotion of intelligent design".

Spotted the punchline yet? The award is for advocacy of ID, and the student is being rewarded for promoting ID. If they've been any good at this, then it seems a bit late to keep their identity quiet.

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Theo V. said...

oh no another one of us "scientists" has fallen prey to those Intelligent Designers!


I might one up (or perhaps it's one down) you and pass up Intelligent Design in favor of the title "7 day young earth creationist".

My next post is actually going to be about "on the 7th day God rested".