Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Squirrels are dangerous

Brought on by this post, I thought I should explain about the dangers of Helsinki squirrels.
In most of Helsinki, one is safe from squirrels: you can happily walk through the station in the early hours, and you'll be fine. Places like Kallio and Hertaniemi: no problem. But be careful if you venture into Seurasaari. There you can walk through the forests along the paths. But if you take a wrong turn, you find them staring at you:

As you go further down the path, you will find yourself becoming more nervous - what is that scratching behind you? Does the path lead back to civilisation, or are you going deeper into the wilds? Is that duck in on the schemes?

Then you turn a corner and discover - some of them are armed

Fortunately, the importance of the tourist industry means that Helsinki City Council has the matter in hand. It is bad press to have your visitors mugged by a squirrel, and have their peanuts stolen. Therefore, they have organised special squads, who are trained to track down and kill down these monsters, even the biggest ones.


Anonymous said...

is that squirrel wearing a German Reich Stahlhelm???

Didnt think they would have a "Squirrel SS division"

Panic Attacks said...

Such adorable squirrels maybe armed and dangerous? Thanks for the link to the Giant Squirrel squashed by the 'troops'. It was quite funny.