Friday, 17 August 2007

The Wonders of Modern Technology

I think I submitted a paper today, but I'm not sure. At least I tried to.

The problem was the electronic submission. I was sending the manuscript (it's on Bayesian variable selection, for anyone who cares) to a statistics journal, so they like things in LaTeX. I had prepared the manuscript that way (my co-author is a LaTeX guy as well, so it was a way of learning how to use it). But they wanted the initial submission as a .pdf.

LaTeX writes documents out as Postscript files, and the pdf maker on TeXmaker doesn't like my figures. So, I had to make a Postscript version, then found out I couldn't convert to pdf on my Windoze machine, so I moved over to my Linux box, and used ps2pdf to convert it. The manuscript looked fine in Acrobat. Then I tried to submit. OK, first I realised we had forgotten to write an abstract, so had to go back, do that, write a postscript version, move to Linux and convert to a pdf. When I (finally) uploaded the pdf, the journal's software tells me it's not a pdf! Wha? It looks like one to every pdf reader I can lay my hands on (which is 3 or 4 - isn't Linux great?). But for some reason...

In the end I just emailed everything to them, with an apologetic note, asking how I could convert my pdf to a pdf. They haven't answered.


ERV said...

hehehe Im kinda dreading submitting my first paper. Oh sure, writing isnt that bad-- Got the standard HIV intro, methods are right out of my lab book, results/discussion speak for themselves... But then you have to worry about whether your images are in the right format with the right number of pixels and Journal of Virology has one standard and PNAS has another and Retrovirology has another and so on. Blech!

Bob O'Hara said...

This is all just part of the initiation into the cult, errm, profession. Then you have to undergo the Trial by Referee Report.

After that, it gets difficult.


Panic Attacks said...

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