Friday, 7 September 2007

The snipers were extra

Most of the time police forces should be respected and supported - they do a difficult job, and I'm sure most are trying to serve their communities.

But (and you knew one was coming) sometimes they make total arses of themselves. This time its the turn of the Aussie police. As reported worldwide, some comedians drove through the security around the APEC meeting using nothing more devilish than some Canadian flags (the Osama look-alike was merely a detail). The police just waved them through to the hotel where President Bush is staying.

So, what do the police do? They allowed these comedians through to the hotel, didn't stop them or apparently check their ID. They've charged them with "entering a secure area". Errrm, you let them. Does this mean that anyone who is allowed into a secure area should be arrested? Including Mr. Bush? Please?

Apparently the police are considering other charges. The comedians evidently have considerable skill at making people laugh at them and appearing absurd, so presumably they'll be charged with impersonating a police officer.


urban pedestrian said...

Oh ya -- this story is such an international fiasco. We've learned that, a) Australian comedians are out of their minds in a really bad way and not a bit funny; and, b) Looking like a Canadian will get you waved through even the ostensibly tightest security checkpoint; and, c) The average American security force is only as clever as it's leader.

Panic Attacks said...

Yes, it was a fiasco. Imagine, there are even other similar incidents like the one where a couple gate crashed a White house party. Comedians most probable will not impersonate a police officer because it isn't really that funny.