Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Finnish curiosities

The Finns are a curious people. This morning I got a phone call asking me if I owned a TV.
I don't. End of conversation. We actually spent longer ascertaining that the conversation had to be in Enlgish.


Efrique said...

The question sounds like a typical lead in to a sales pitch. There's not much point in trying to sell you something that you need a television to use, if you don't actually have one.

If they were trying to sell you something, the conversation will terminate quickly after they learn you don't (even if the conversation was leisurely before then), since they will need to talk to the next person on their list.

Anonymous said...

I think you received this call especially since you do not own a television! The campaign to get the persons owning a television, but not paying for the license is running throughout the year. And speaking foreign languages has been a known trick to avoid these queries for a number of years, so that's probably why that took so long to get settled.

Bob O'Hara said...

I suspect they were from the TV licence people, trying to get me to pay for YLE (the national Finnish TV company). But if I explain that, it's not funny.

OK, perhaps it's not funny anyway.