Monday, 30 July 2007

Still here?

Wow! The virtual world is still here!

I'm co-teaching a course with Bill Shipley in (sort-of) central Finland. Yesterday we drove up here, and settled in. I tried to get a wireless connection (I had been told there was one) from my room. My laptop would search and find a weak connection, and then when I tried to connect, it would disappear. Repeatedly. Once it decided to mock me by giving me two networks that I couldn't connect to. It would tell me that they were secure networks, which is a hint that I might need a password. But, being rational, I tried to connect anyway.

This may not be relevant at all, but I've just been reading a book about happiness, which explained that we often do things that we expect will make us happier, but we don't get the thrill at the end. This leads to addictive behaviour: we just can't stop ourselves even if we are objectively aware of the futility.

OK, must stop: I have to check my email.

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