Saturday, 4 August 2007

Archaeologists Beware!

Here we have the latest technology - a trap to catch archaeologists:

How does it work, you are asking yourselves. Well, it's based on the observation that archaeologists are fascinated by old rubbish. So, the trap is set up to mimic a mediaeval rubbish bin. The archaeologist is immediately attracted, and leaps in. When he is in there up to the middens, the trapper leaps out and ties up the archaeologist.

The one question I cannot answer is why anyone would want to capture archaeologists. Pest control?


Martin said...

Some archaeologists are quite attractive. Maybe the owner of the dustbin wants to mate with them?

Panic Attacks said...

With that kind of trap, it might be easier to catch a lumberjack. I agree, some archaeologists are attractive, but the trap has to be dusty in order for it to work.