Monday, 18 February 2008

This is how Birthdays should be

As it's already been revealed, I turned 38 today. And what a great day it's been!
This morning I was awarded the Bob O’Hara Award for Excellence in Blogging on Pseudoscience. The prize is that I'm allowed to post on the BPSPB webpage. I know, I know you're all envious. Later, I was invited to join another blog swarm, of which more later (if it happens). Even the editor of Heredity wanted to send me a birthday present (although I'll have to write an essay about it later).

Even lunch was exceptional. I chatted to a colleague about such things as making swords and using pizza to demonstrate theorems. We ended up working out how to use spaghetti to solve the travelling salesman problem.

Even The Beast has been great. This morning he enjoyed the wildlife outside, and after I fed him this evening, he demanded a heavy fussing session. What more could one ask for in life?

Oh, yes. This


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